Divine Liturgy

God willing, the process for scheduling Liturgy attendance will change immediately. We have opened a method for each personal  to sign up for a liturgy that fits your schedule. Liturgies will open to 54 personals each Service on a first-come-first-serve basis. All medical services, sanitary precautions, and social distancing guidelines will remain the same. Please read the following guidelines carefully.

Registration Instructions
  1. A maximum of 30 personals may attend each Liturgy (a registrant is individual).
  2. you HAVE to  register each of your family members separately.
  3. Lap infants or infants in a stroller do not count toward this total.
  4. Each registrant is asked to use the same email address each time you register
  5. All attendees must follow all the social distance rules including staying 6 feet apart from other non family attendees
  6. A person is allowed to register only one time per registration cycle. A cycle consists of whatever dates appear on the signup page.
  7. We kindly ask those who are already attending liturgy at one of the NVA churches to refrain from registering themselves.
  8. Virginians will be required to wear protective masks or face coverings in public spaces starting Friday under a statewide mandate issued by Governor Ralph Northam. … The mandate will be enforced by health officials, not law enforcement, according to Northam.
  9. All attendees must wear a face mask and gloves at all times while on the church grounds. Those that do not adhere to these terms will be rescheduled to come at a later time.
  10. No shaking of hands, no hugs, not directing touching of any individuals outside of your own family members permitted.
  11. All Children of all ages MUST stay in place and will not be permitted to move around the church freely. Again, All children must stay with the parents and any free movements by children without parents keeping control of the kids will be asked to reschedule and come back at a later date as we need to keep the premises safe of everyone attending. Children can carry the covid-19 disease without showing any symptoms.

After the service:

– Each person must bring their own water bottle and personal handkerchief (Lefafa) and hair cover

– No social gathering at all will be permitted

– Immediately after the liturgy service is finished, everyone is to leave the church ground as quickly and as orderly as possible.

registration will be available Thursday at 6 pm

please click below to register your name for upcoming week

Divine Liturgy from Jan 18 ,2020 to Jan 24, 2020

Divine Liturgy from Jan 25 ,2020 to Jan 31, 2020