Our Vision for Children

St. Moses Church believes that the Children’s ministry is the most important ministry our church offers. Why?

First: Children’s Ministry helps kids.


  1. It promotes their eternal happiness.
  2. It helps them make sense out of life.
  3. It’s their best chance to accept Christ.
  4. It helps avoid some negative outcomes of sin.
  5. It can help counter balance worldly influences.
  6. It can help them learn to love others.
  7. It is something fun to do.
  8. It helps kids want to come to church.
  9. It helps them make new friends.
  10. It helps discover and intervene in abusive home situations.
  11. It helps children get to know their Church Clergy.
  12. It gives kids meaningful keepsakes.
  13. It gives children special memories.
  14. It allows children to memorize large portions of the Scripture.
  15. It allows learning to worship in a group through singing.
  16. It allows children to learn how to read the Scripture in public.
  17. It helps kids learn to pray aloud in public.
  18. It provides a context for children to learn how to respect their elders.
  19. It provides a context for children learn to do peer-to-peer evangelism.


  1. It supports godly parenting.
  2. It helps nudge some parents into more faithful attendance.
  3. It helps new families get connected with the church.
  4. It helps identify families that may benefit from biblical counseling.
  5. It helps parents get involved in the church.
  6. It provides families with meaningful shared experiences.
  7. It helps parents answer their kids’ questions.

Third: Children’s ministry helps the church.


  1. It helps the church to pass on the faith.
  2. It helps bring in new families to the church.
  3. It allows the church body to us their talents and spiritual gifts.
  4. It helps train future church leaders.
  5. It provides accidental learning for ministry volunteers.
  6. It raises community awareness of the church through special events.
  7. It helps build a strong youth ministry.
  8. Having children present brings joy to the whole congregation.
  9. Having children present gives adults some real life examples of childlike faith.
  10. Having children present gives a sense of excitement and hope about the future.
  11. It brings joy for the church to see children grow through the years.
  12. It provides senior adults with the opportunity to be spiritual-grandparents.
  13. It provides ways for churches to cooperate with one another.

Fourth: Children’s ministry helps everyone.


  1. It is good for public schools.
  2. It is good for homeschoolers.
  3. It is good for society.
  4. It is good for the Christian movie industry.
  5. It is good for kids book publishing industry.
  6. It is good for their future spouses.
  7. It is good for their future employers.